We love brands

Brands who dare, brands who care, brands that know who they are - or who they want to be. Dream big, do little things special. We do everything from activitation events, store decorations to giftings.


RIXO 'The Living Room' CPHFW

For Rixo during CPHFW we created a flower setting full of color but yet elegant and beautiful matching the styles of RIXO.

Zalando 'Genderless' event

Fashion has no gender! Together with Patricksson we created flowers for Zalando's launch event of the unisex collection.

Decléor selfcare event

Opéra Sport x Tom Anholt launch event

BVLGARI CPH celebration

Various bouquets for giftings

Add flowers to your giftings for partners, press. clients and influencers or use them on their own. We create the bouquets according to your wishes, so they match your brand and budget. We can use your own wrapping or our clean and simple white option.

Example on brands we have worked with: Louis Vuitton, Cos, Zalando, Miista, Hourglass Cosmetics.

Matias Moellenbach / 3Day of Design

During 3 Days of Design, we created large floral installations in collaboration with Matias Moellenbach to fit their showroom's aesthetics.